Choline Chloride 60% Corn Cob (Feed Grade)

Choline Chloride 60% (Feed Grade)

Komposisi :
Choline Chloride - (Min) 60.0% (equivalent to 52.07% choline)

Moisture - (Max) 2

Indikasi: Used in poultry and pigs throughout the production period, applied through feed. Choline Chloride is an important requirement added through feed with the following important functions:

  • As an important factor in the growth and production of livestock
  • As a methyl group donor to homocysteine for the formation of methionine
  • Essential in the formation of acetylcholine for the transmission of nerve impulses
  • In poultry plays a role in preventing fatty liver (degeneration of fat in the liver), perosis (slipped tendon), growth disorders and decreased production due to Choline deficiency.
  •  It plays a role in preventing fatty liver for swine, growth disorders, coordination of movement, decreasing the number of pigs per liter, and kidney damage

Packaging: Bag 25 Kg

Registration Number: Raw material category (no registration number required)

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